Welcome to NMA Elzbieta!

23 april, 2024 Peter Carlqvist

Elzbieta graduated with a MSc in Pharmacy in Poznan, Poland, starting her professional career as a community pharmacist in Germany. Next, she worked for a health insurance fund where she was responsible, among others, for off-label use of medicines, medical cannabis and regional drug budget measures. In this role, she participated in price negotiations for new pharmaceutical products between the statutory health insurance and industry.

Before joining NMA, Elzbieta worked as a market access manager for a global biopharmaceutical company in Germany. She was responsible for the product launch of a novel biologic treatment in the field of dermatology, the preparation of a value dossier, pricing, tenders and contracting.

Now Elzbieta brings her experience and expertise in market access and price negotiation to NMA – Welcome to the team Ela!